Enlightenment and Peace through Education

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The future lies in young people


Concept Criteria

The countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas all differ in their history, geography and economic development. But every evening, as the sun sets on the nations of the world, they are joined by a common affliction. Tens of thousands of children have no place to sleep at night. Around the world an estimated 40 million children live on the streets. In America the average age of all homeless people is nine. Yet homelessness is one of the many critical issues children face today. More than 26,000 children under five years die every day from preventable causes, including diarrhea, malaria or malnutrition. Some 2.3 million live with HIV/AIDS, while another 15 million have been orphaned by the virus. Despite improvements that have given 1.2 billion kids access to clean water, a further 425 million people under 18 regularly drink from unsafe supplies while 980 million lack basic sanitation.

Plan –

  • To plan a peace program and awareness based on the theme of CHILDREN.
  • A group of Administrators, teachers, students & interested parents come together to make it happen in each school district.
  • Different buildings of the same school district can work upon different themes.
  • To include art directors/art teachers, music directors/music teachers, drama teachers, debate instructors, social studies teachers, and science teachers.
  • To involve student leaders who can help to motivate and coordinate other students.

Suggestions – A resourceful web site - . As we attempt to instill a concept of peace on tender minds,  develop various ideas at the middle school level  and solidify at the high school level, we may prepare Long Island students better aware of tomorrow’s world.

Elementary School 

          Peace Walk - Art Competition - Peace Prayers & songs – Peace quotations related to children of the world – Meaning of peace for children (poverty, homelessness, child labor & rights of children) – Organize Food can drive for hungry – To plan “letter from me” program to support children far away


Middle School 

         Art Competition /  A skit, discussion or power point presentation related to topics like poverty in America, child labor in Brazil or child soldiers in Sierra Leone /  How can we help? – Compare the day of child in USA to a child in different part of the world./  Explore child labor and lack of education / Infanticide / sex selection in India, China and other developing countries.


High School 

         Peace Poster Competition / A skit, or Power Point presentation or discussions by students as well as teachers on UNICEF, WHO or Save the Children Alliance / Get involved in this work through the school year and beyond.

Cultural items – guest performances

Girl Scout/Boy Scout item related to the project

Honorary Guest

Superintendent’s comment

A note from Shanti Fund

A group of 3-5 high school students are invited to make a presentation at H.Lee Dennison Building on OCT.2 at 9 am. All groups will be honored & best presentation will be recognized with a gift certificate of $141