Enlightenment and Peace through Education

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Concept Criteria –

Around the world more than 2.5 billion men, women and children live in grinding poverty on less than $2 a day. Such extreme poverty results in chronic hunger and malnutrition, preventable diseases such as malaria, measles and tuberculosis, environmental degradation, low literacy rates and countless other social, public health, economic and political problems. As part of a global effort to eradicate such poverty, 189 countries adopted the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at a United Nations summit in 2000. The MDGs are eight time bound targets aimed at halving the number of people who live in extreme poverty or who lack access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation. They also aim to increase the number of girls and boys who complete school; decrease the rate of greenhouse emissions; reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS; and halve the number of people who suffer from hunger. The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) contributes to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Least Developed Countries in both local development and microfinance. Governments, foundations, financial institutions, corporations and ordinary people are also committing resources and working in big and small ways to meet the MDGs. Micro finance is one of the development tools that gives people in developing countries a chance out of poverty, as poor entrepreneurs get access to credit and other financial services. Several organizations link people in rich countries with those entrepreneurs in developing nations. Hollywood actress Natalie Portman travels the world to raise awareness about microfinance as an Ambassador for FINCA, an organization that gives out small loans to help women in developing countries start their own businesses. A woman in California raises money online and hands it to a caterer in Bolivia. Young Canadians raise money for a micro-credit fund by cycling from Vancouver to Tijuana, Mexico. Discover how other people make a difference in their own communities.

Plan –

  • To plan a peace program and awareness based on the theme of POVERTY.
  • A group of Administrators, teachers, students & interested parents come together to make it happen in each school district.
  • Different buildings of the same school district can work upon different themes.
  • To include art directors/art teachers, music directors/music teachers, drama teachers, debate instructors, social studies teachers, and science teachers.
  • To involve student leaders who can help to motivate and coordinate other students.

Suggestions – A resourceful web site - . As we attempt to instill a concept of peace on tender minds,  develop various ideas at the middle school level  and solidify at the high school level, we may prepare Long Island students better aware of tomorrow’s world.

Elementary School 

          Peace Walk - Art Competition - Peace Prayers & songs – Peace quotations related to children of the world – Meaning of peace for children & understanding of life without food, shelter & comfort.


Middle School 

         Art Competition / A skit, discussion or power point presentation related to topics like Millenium Development Goals – Understanding World Hunger – Compare effects of poverty on the life styles of families in different countries. – Can food drive.


High School 

         Peace Poster Competition / A skit, or Power Point presentation or discussions by students as well as teachers Millenium Development Goals – Voices of Youth on MDG – Compare development of people & their challenges in different countries. / Compare the effects of lack of proper housing, starvation, overcrowded slum dwelling Barrios in Brazil, Venezuela, India and other developing countries.


Cultural items – guest performances

Girl Scout/Boy Scout item related to the project

Honorary Guest

Superintendent’s comment

A note from Shanti Fund

A group of 3-5 high school students are invited to make a presentation at H.Lee Dennison Building on OCT.2 at 9 am. All groups will be honored & best presentation will be recognized with a gift certificate of $141