Enlightenment and Peace through Education

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Dear Friends & Well Wishers of Shanti Fund,      


For over 12 years, Volunteers of Shanti Fund have been actively promoting peace through education. Since 9/11 and following the United Nations agenda the Children of the World numbers of schools on Long Island each year for students’ participation.

This year Volunteers of Shanti Fund have reached out to almost 125 schools (24 school districts) on Long Island to involve students . Most of these schools will celebrate guidelines prepared by Volunteers of Shanti Fund and discussed with the administrators and teachers who will implement it in their classrooms.

This year Volunteers of Shanti Fund reached out to the following school districts UFSD, Bayport Blue Point UFSD, Bay Shore UFSD, Comsewogue SD, Connetquot CSD, Eastport /Manor CSD, Freeport Public Schools, Hauppaugue UFSD, Herricks UFSD, Kings Park CSD, Knox School, Longwood CSD, Mount Sinai SD, Patchogue Medford SD, Port Jefferson UFSD, Rocky Point UFSD, Sachem SD, Sayville UFSD, Shoreham CSD, Smithtown CSD, Three Village CSD, William Floyd SD. Almost all of them have agreed to celebrate Peace and Love our theme this year. Most schools will be celebrating on September 26th, 27th & 28th, during school hours. Herricks schools will be celebrating peace activities for almost a month. Girl Scout of Suffolk County has dedicated an evening program on Wednesday September 28th at their Camp Edey site in Bayport.

Every year weather permitting Volunteers of Shanti Fund commemorate Gandhiji’s Salt March symbolically with a “Peace Walk” around the H L Dennison Building. This year AAPI (American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin) is joining us with its signature President of AAPI Dr. Sunita Kanumuri will join us along with the Long Island - Queens chapter president Dr. Krishan Kumar

Please join us on Sunday, October 2nd to celebrate Gandhiji’s birthday and to witness a culminating school celebration of PEACE AND LOVE. For the lasting tribute to Gandhiji, his birthday has been declared as an International Day of Non Violence by the United Nations.

As usual, there is no charge to attend this event of Shanti Fund. Your RSVP at  is appreciated for dinner purposes. As in the past, your generosity makes these activities and successes possible. No other reason for the donations may be so crucial as instilling peace in our future generation.

Your Partner in Peace,

Panna Shah, M.D.

On Behalf of Volunteers of Shanti Fund